Party Advice


After performing magic in hundreds of living rooms, backyards, decks and garages, I have learned quite a bit about how to host a great party. Here are some of my recommendations. Please don't feel like you have to follow all of the advice below.

1. Seriously consider which package is right for your event. I have had people book my GOLD package when the SILVER would have been a better fit, because the parents wanted to socialize. I have had people book the BRONZE package (Just Balloons) but the kids would have also enjoyed a magic show.

2. Tell your guests that a magician is coming, and they should arrive on time. I think it is a good idea to have me arrive 30 min into your party, to prevent late arrivals from missing the magic show. So if your party is from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, I would recommend having me entertain from 3:30 to 4:30 or 4:00 to 5:00.

3. Prepare the room. Make sure you have enough seating for your guests. Most of the time, all we have to do is move the coffee table. I will be happy to assist. I typically do my act in front of the TV or fireplace, because the seating is already facing that direction.

4. Have the kids sit close together. They will respond much better as an audience. It doesn't matter if they are in chairs or on the floor. If they are sitting in different parts of the room, the reaction is not as strong. This is true for adult audiences as well.

5. Please don't serve any food or drink during the magic show. You would think this would not matter, but the kids will be destracted.

6. Eliminate any distractions: Toys, TV, Video Games. If you have party noise makers, birthday hats, or magic wands, it would be best to hand those out after the magic show. The kid's hands would best be empty.

7. As I am packing up to leave, this would be the perfect time to have cake and ice cream or games. Now all of the attention is off me, as I head out the door.